APRIL 7 @ 5:30 PM


The keynote speaker this year is Wilson Wewa.  Wilson is a lifelong resident of Warm Springs, a graduate of Madras High School, and a local Paiute traditional elder.  The stories in his new book “Legends of the Northern Paiute” came from his grandmother, Maggie Wewa and other family members.  The book is a break through event for the Paiutes of Oregon and for Northwest readers in general.  It’s the first booklength collection of Paiute stories ever, and in Wewa’s skillful renditions in print, they seem like oral telling’s.  Some of them are set in Central Oregon, notably around what is not Smith Rock State Park.

The Steve Fisher Trio will be entertaining us with their wonderfully fun Irish folk sound.


JCHS Establishes New Endowment with OCF

The Historical Society has created an endowment in the “Endowment Partners” program of the Oregon Community Foundation.  The new JCHS endowment will produce a stable yearly income, to be used as it grows to help pay for the Society’s expanding annual operations. According to JCHS Director Jerry Ramsey, “We are really gratified to be able to invest with Oregon Community Foundation, and through our partnership with OCF, take advantage of their comprehensive financial and fund-raising advisory facilities. We have started a JCHS Endowment Fund, seeking donations and pledges to make our assets grow.”